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Welcome to the Peer Reviewed Journals/ Scholarly Journals

Radix International Journal is online peer reviewed scholarly journals. Radix International Journals aims to promote theoretical and applied research in the field of Social Science Journal, Management peer reviewed journals, Economics and marketing journal. The journals mission is to fulfill the academic communitys demands on up to date information regarding Social sciences The main objective of journals is to provide an intellectual platform for scholars, a platform in which research in alternative paradigms for business and economic inquiry could be presented and debated. Journals also aims to promote interdisciplinary studies over the issues of theoretical, practical, and historical importance in dealing with problems in business and economics and become the leading business and economics journal in the world. The Journals are peer reviewed journals. Radix International Journal cover broad spectrum of issues related with Social Sciences, business journal, economics and business management at all levels of aggregation; encourages subjects meeting responses and challengers of market development at local, national and global dimensions.

Radix International Journal is an international journal with world famous peer reviewed journals. Our core aim is to provide a free and fast connectivity to read the best collection of original and fine journals from all the categories available for studies and research to help the brilliant students, scholars and researchers to build an excellent platform for an individual’s studies.

Radix International Journal also provides a platform to the learners, scholars and researchers to publish their own well thought and researched literature. We submit our articles to all world famous directories and give an international exposure to our researchers and scholars for their unique submissions. Many international students and researchers are linked with us to read our journals and to submit their own publications too. This helps them to get connected to all the world class international institutes who are also linked with us. RIERC is peer reviewed journals, means we published quality papers.

Radix International Journal have a trained staff and we thoroughly look in to submissions and then publish them. This can take some days but as our all publications are referred so we cannot compromise on quality. It is mandatory for all submissions to have at least 10 to 11 pages especially for references, tables, figures and appendices. Also the submission must be in word format. Radix International Journal also publish announcements for conferences and research.

What is the Purpose of Peer Reviewed Journals?
The peer-review process ensures that the published articles are of high quality, reflect solid scholarship in their fields, and that the information they contain is accurate and based on sound research.

What is the Peer Reviewed Journals Process?
Articles submitted by authors are evaluated by a group of peer experts in the field. The reviewers recommend whether the submitted article be published, revised, or rejected. This review process is often performed “blind”, meaning the reviewers do not know the names or academic affiliations of the authors, and the authors do not know who is reviewing their work. A peer-reviewed journal submits most of its published research articles for outside review.

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We are absolutely focused on journals which help students, scholars and researchers to find everything of their interest to bring a crème in their hard work at one place.

We have a trained dedicated team to check all the updates and information available to give a comfort zone to our members.

We are linked to many world class institutes, universities and organisations. We are providing our excellent services to many international students too.

We provide you private space on our website, once you join us, which helps you to have sole dominance where you can store your own data with customization available and overall you have full freedom to manage your folder.

We provide you with facilities so that whatever you want to publish, will be on your own name.

We provide you a help-line to not only solve your queries and doubts but giving you assistance whence needed.

Radix International Journal is Peer Reviewed Journals. Process of peer reviewed journals.